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Lacy the Leopard enjoys the cold air at the Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro on Thursday. Amur leopards such as Lacy --- which are indigenous to the border region between Russia, China and North Korea --- have extra thick coats. We'll need to bundle up on Friday and into the weekend; after some snow Friday morning, a very cold weekend is predicted.

How dry was it last year? Parched comes to mind.

Precipitation totaled 36.28 inches, Attleboro Water Department records show, the ninth-lowest total in 122 years of record keeping.

An average year sees 48.2 inches, which means Attleboro is about 12 inches short of usual precipitation for the past year.

The shortfall has led to a regional drought, which actually worsened in December, when precipitation was more than an inch below normal and continued a trend for most months since last spring.

It has really been a two-year drought: 2015 clocked out with just 37.73 inches that almost made the Top 10 driest years, water department records indicate.

Precipitation in 2016 fell over 120 days, which is toward the low end.

Snowfall totaled 33 1/2 inches, when it typically is about 40 inches.

Temperatures in 2016 brought an average low of 43 degrees, which is toward the warm end in the 77 years of record keeping.

The average high temp was 62. Only 14 other years were warmer - eight of those years since 2000, records show.

The coldest temp was minus-10 on Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day - when the high struggled to climb only to 12 degrees. There were six days that had single-digit temperatures, which was also near the low end.

The hottest temp was 94 degrees on Aug. 14.

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