20 John Williams

This building at 20 John Williams St. in Attleboro may become the site of Major Bloom, a recreational marijuana business.

ATTLEBORO — A recreational marijuana business intends to set up shop in a former jewelry company on John Williams Street.

Major Bloom, LLC, headquartered in Boston, recently submitted an application for a special permit to the city council for retail, cultivation and manufacturing operations.

It’s the third recreational marijuana business seeking to open in Attleboro and the ninth marijuana business overall.

If city and state permits are approved, it will be located at 20 John Williams St., in the former Guyot Bros. Co. Inc. building where brass jewelry findings were once made.

The property is located on a 3.6-acre lot in an industrial zone near the MBTA railroad line and not far from the U.S. Army Reserve Center.

Property owner Stephen Guyot signed an agreement to sell the property to Major Bloom in August if the company gets the city and state permits it needs to open.

Guyot Bros., a family-owned business for four generations, recently sold its product line to Salvadore Tool and Findings in Providence.

Currently, there’s a five-store limit under city ordinances for the retail sale of recreational marijuana.

Other marijuana businesses including the retail sale of medical marijuana, the cultivation of marijuana and the manufacture of marijuana products are not limited, council zoning chairman Todd Kobus said.

On Tuesday, the council is expected to issue its first permit to sell recreational marijuana to Bristol County Wellness Center which is renovating a jewelry factory on Extension Street to open a retail, cultivation and manufacturing business.

BCWC already has a city permit and a provisional state permit to sell medical marijuana.

The business could open sometime in the summer, officials said.

BCWC also has provisional licenses to cultivate and manufacture recreational marijuana, but still needs approval for retail sales.

Ashli’s Inc., Ashli’s Farm and Ashli’s Extracts have provisional state permits to sell, cultivate and manufacture recreational marijuana, respectively.

Those companies have applied to the council for special permits. A public hearing has been held, but has been kept open while some details are ironed out.

A council vote is expected in the coming weeks.

Another medical marijuana business, The Leonard J. Irving Center, is awaiting a vote on its special permit.

Three businesses, BCWC, Cannatech Medicinals, Inc. and Briarleaf LLC have special permits to sell medical marijuana. Cannatech and Briarleaf still need state permits.

Beacon Compassion Center is another potential medical marijuana shop for the city, but has not yet submitted an application.

Kobus said that the city will continue to accept applications for retail recreational marijuana shops after the five-shop limit is filled, but will be prohibited by ordinance from issuing additional permits.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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