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State Police and their dog conduct a security sweep inside of Gillette Stadium before spectators arrive for the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills game Monday night.

FOXBORO — Security issues were few as the New England Patriots held their first game at Gillette Stadium since the Paris terrorist attacks.

Police reported 32 of 65,447 fans at Monday night’s game were taken into custody: nine were charged and arrested, while another 23 were held in protective custody for intoxication.

Most of the custodies occurred after halftime of the New England Patriots’ 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills, according to Chief Edward O’Leary, who is head of security for stadium events.

“Overall, it went well,” O’Leary said of an evening when security was tightened in the wake of serious terror attacks overseas. “We had the resources to give everyone a sense of protection.”

A late-arriving crowd resulted in a lot of traffic congestion, O’Leary said.

Among the arrests, a Dracut man was charged with unarmed robbery after police say he stole cash from a concession worker.

According to police, Brett Boumil, 23, refused to pick up a drunken relative taken into protective custody earlier in the evening, and later reached in to grab cash from a female who was counting the evening’s income at a concession stand. Security workers chased him down, and he was arrested by police who say they found some $400 in cash in his pockets and, later, another $200 that fell out of his pants.

Boumil also faces charges of larceny over $250, receiving stolen property under $250 and disorderly conduct.

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