NORTH ATTLEBORO — Veterans, firefighters, police, town officials and ordinary citizens gathered at the Baptist Common Wednesday evening to remember those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The event took place at a stone obelisk planted in 2005 on the common to mark the anniversary of the attacks.

State Rep. Betty Poirier, R-North Attleboro, said the ceremony has become an annual event, and she hopes it continues and people do not forget what happened to the country on that day.

She and other speakers thanked the military veterans and first responders who protect the people of the town and country.

“They put themselves in harm’s way every single time they answer the call,” she said.

The ceremony was organized by Veterans Agent Rebecca Jennings and featured an honor guard made up of different veterans groups.

Several police and fire personnel attended as well, along with town council members.

Councilor Michael Lennox thanked “the veterans for all you have done for this country” and noted 9/11 was also the beginning of a new generation of Americans who went off to war.

Jennings said the terrorist attacks were a “horrific tragedy” for the United States that is still remembered 18 years later.

The attacks involved terrorists hijacking commercial airliners and flying two of them into the World Trade Center Towers in New York and one into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

A fourth plane was hijacked but passengers rushed the terrorists and forced the plane into a crash landing in Pennsylvania. It is believed the plane was headed for the White House.

The attack had local associations as two of the planes took off from Boston and had many New England passengers, including Lynn Goodchild of Attleboro, who was going on vacation with her boyfriend Shawn Nassaney.

North Attleboro Fire Captain Mike Bristol said 343 New York firefighters and 60 police died responding to the attacks.

The ceremony at Baptist Common came to a close with the ringing of a bell by the fire department.

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