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Attleboro City Hall

ATTLEBORO — Mayor Paul Heroux announced Tuesday he has 34 volunteer positions he’s trying to fill at city hall and he’s hoping to recruit more women and people of color to fill them.

The slots are open only to Attleboro residents.

The planning board has two vacancies. Heroux said females, people of color and environmentalists are encouraged to apply.

There are also two positions on the council on aging and again he’s hopeful that females and people of color will apply.

Two slots on the council on human rights are open and, he said, “People of color are encouraged to apply.”

There’s one position on the board of election commissioners, which by law must be filled by a Democrat. Heroux is hoping it will be a female Democrat and/or a person of color.

The cultural council has 15 vacancies, more than any other board. Heroux said anyone with an arts background can apply.

The disabilities commission has six vacancies and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The youth commission has four vacancies and anyone 17 or younger is eligible.

There’s one slot on the council on substance abuse prevention and the mayor is looking for someone with an advanced degree such as a PharmD, PhD, MA, MS, or MSW to fill it.

And finally there’s one job on the traffic study commission and Heroux is hoping to find someone who has a transportation or law enforcement background to volunteer.

Heroux said involvement on volunteer boards could lead to other positions in the future.

“Getting involved in a city board or commission is often the first step to running for office,” he said in a news release. “I encourage anyone interested to please seek more information and visit

Those persons interested in one of the open positions should submit a resume and cover letter to the mayor at

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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