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A photo of the graphic of the William Dentch Natatorium at the current Attleboro High School.

ATTLEBORO — Some of the Attleboro High School pool paraphernalia, which the school department asked the city council to sell or trash, is heading to a good home.

Chris Dentch, son of William F. Dentch, for whom the pool was named, told The Sun Chronicle in an email that the family has requested the lettering that spelled out “William F. Dentch Natatorium” at the high school’s pool.

He said the family has been working with school committee member Rob Geddes to obtain the letters as well as two aluminum ladders used at the pool.

A plaque honoring his father will be refurbished and displayed at the new high school, which is now under construction next to the present one on Rathbun Willard Drive.

William Dentch was a popular teacher and swim coach at Attleboro High for decades. He taught physics and science for 34 years and coached the girls swim team for 21 years and the boys swim team for 15 years. Dentch died in 2000 at the age of 57.

His teams won more than 200 meets and he was elected to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Hall of Fame.

The high school pool has been closed because pipes that service it had to be removed to make way for the foundation of the new school, which is being built within feet of the current facility. The old building will eventually will be razed.

As a result, the high school swim team has to rent pool time at the Attleboro YMCA, which is where Dentch coached his teams until the high school pool was built about 50 years ago.

While the family is pleased to get the lettering, Dentch said family members are disappointed the school is losing its pool.

There will not be a pool in the new building because the state, which is funding about 50 percent of the $260 million project, does not pay for pools.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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