Attleboro High School

Attleboro High School.

ATTLEBORO — The coronavirus has pushed students who planned to go to Europe next month on school trips — and their parents who paid for those trips — into a corner.

None of the trips have been canceled, but the school department has recommended that its students not go.

On Tuesday, Assistant Superintendent Laurie Regan reviewed the options with at least 75 parents and students during a 30-minute meeting at Brennan Middle School.

One option the students have is to cancel. If they do that they’ll get 50 percent of the $3,600 price tag for the trip refunded minus a $95 service fee and $165 that was paid for insurance.

They can also opt to take a voucher or a trip at a different time. The trouble with taking a trip later is that some students may have gone on to college by that time or, in one case that was mentioned, into the military.

A voucher can be sold to recoup most of the $3,600 the trip cost. The trouble there is, a buyer has to be found.

Deadlines are involved for all decisions.

One parent asked Regan what they should do.

“It’s an individual decision,” Regan said. “You have to decide what’s best for you, your family and your child.”

A representative from EF Educational Tours out of Cambridge, the tour company for the trips, was supposed to appear by video conference to answer questions, but that did not happen.

The company sent a video instead. Regan asked if anyone wanted to view it and no one did.

EF came in for criticism from Regan who said the company showed its “true colors” by not appearing.

“We are very disappointed that no one from EF is here tonight,” Regan said.

One of the parents said that it’s been difficult to contact EF and said one of the representatives hung up on her when she was trying to get information.

The Sun Chronicle attempted to contact EF for comment, but the company did not immediately respond.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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