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ATTLEBORO — The largest budget surplus in a decade was registered by the city for fiscal year 2019, which ended June 30.

The state’s Department of Revenue recently certified the amount at $6,449,584, according to a communication from Mayor Paul Heroux to the city council on Tuesday.

Of that amount, $3,828,290 goes into general government coffers.

Another $1,253,522 goes into the water department enterprise account while $1,367,772 goes to the wastewater enterprise account.

The revised fiscal 2019 budget was $135.6 million.

The water and wastewater surpluses are accounted for separately because those two departments are funded by service fees rather than property taxes, which fund the general government budget.

The $6,449,584 is $239,399 greater than the second highest surplus of $6,210,185, which was recorded in FY 2017 during the Kevin Dumas administration.

The Sun Chronicle has since FY 2009 kept records on the surplus, which is known in government terms as “free cash.”

In FY 2018 when Mayor Paul Heroux and former mayor Kevin Dumas shared budget duties, with Heroux replacing Dumas halfway through the budget year, the surplus was $5.8 million.

Heroux wasted little time in seeking appropriations totaling $1.35 million from the general fund surplus of $3.8 million.

On Tuesday he asked the city council to deposit $500,000 into the new capital improvement reserve fund.

Heroux also requested that $300,000 be put into the city’s stabilization fund, increasing the annual deposit by $18,000 over last year.

When that appropriation is made, the stabilization account, which is kind of a savings account for unexpected expenses, will total $4,493,272.

It’s the eighth consecutive year the city has made an appropriation of at least $282,000 to that account.

In addition, the mayor asked the council to appropriate $280,000 to repair the gym floors at Hyman Fine and Hill-Roberts elementary schools and $180,000 to fix the parking lots.

Heroux requested $75,000 to resurface the front parking lot at Finberg Field as part of the hazardous waste remediation project and $15,000 for the OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) account.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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