Attleboro Mayor

Attleboro Mayor George A. Sweeney. 3rd mayor. 1923-26.

George A. Sweeney was elected the city's third mayor in 1922.

He was a two-term, at-large city councilor who had tried for the top administrative job in 1920, but was defeated by incumbent Philip E. Brady, who won his second term.

Sweeney's campaign started in controversy when a school doctor questioned a child who was wearing a Sweeney campaign pin in school.

The doctor wanted to know why the child didn't support Brady.

The incident caused and uproar, and whether it had anything to do with Sweeney's eventual election, it certainly put the spotlight on him.

It's more likely that Sweeney's election was cemented after he pointed out that Brady's record on taxation was not good.

Taxes went up from $21.80 to $50 during his tenure.

Sweeney beat four candidates for the top job, with Brady finishing third.

He went on to win a second term and ran for a third after being convinced by friends that he should.

Sweeney was roundly criticized by some of his opposition for seeking a third term, after a precedent of sorts was set by the first mayor, Harold Sweet, who said two terms were enough for any mayor, but he defended himself, saying there was no law against seeking a third term and a candidate could seek as many terms as he wanted.

The voters apparently thought otherwise, and Sweeney finished third in his quest, like Brady before him, and more than 1,200 votes behind winner, Fred E. Briggs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a series of profiles of Attleboro’s mayors since the city was incorporated 100 years ago in 1914. The Sun Chronicle will print a special section July 13 celebrating Attleboro’s 100th anniversary as a city.

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