MANSFIELD — White’s Bakery denies it condoned discrimination among workers and says it reached a settlement with the state Attorney General’s office to move on from the charges.

“For the past two years, White’s Bakery has vehemently fought false allegations that the bakery’s owners in any way tolerated workplace discrimination against a former employee,” the bakery said in a statement released Friday. “White’s Bakery is a responsible, progressive employer that has always opposed discrimination of any kind. We always embrace people for who they are. We do everything possible to operate on the basis of respect, understanding, and dignity.

“White’s Bakery denies any wrongdoing or liability in connection with claims brought by the AG’s office. In an effort to move forward without the continued burden, stress, distraction and substantial financial obligations that accompany litigation, White’s Bakery reached a settlement with the AG’s office.”

The Attorney General’s office on Thursday announced the Brockton-based bakery agreed to pay up to $95,000 in penalties and restitution and require anti-bias training for employees as part of a settlement over allegations an employee at its Brockton shop was repeatedly exposed to racial slurs.

The bakery also has a Mansfield location across from Mansfield Crossing.

The settlement resolves a lawsuit brought by the AG’s office alleging White’s Bakery violated the state’s anti-discrimination law by creating a racially hostile work environment in which one of its former longtime supervisors repeatedly used racial epithets and slurs in front of subordinate employees, including the victim who quit, the AG’s office said.

It was alleged bakery management knew this supervisor routinely used racial slurs in front of employees but took no action to correct it.

Under the settlement, White’s Bakery will pay $65,000 to the victim and up to $30,000 to the state, half which will be suspended pending compliance with the agreement.

The bakery will also retain an external consultant to review its policies and training programs, and have all employees complete anti-bias, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training annually for three years, the AG’s office said.

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