Steve Bankert pirate ship

In 2016, Steven Bankert was fined $675 for erecting a replica pirate ship in Falls Pond in North Attleboro without a permit.

NORTH ATTLEBORO — Steven Bankert has had his share of legal battles over the years and now he says he is back in court fighting an attempt to foreclose on his home.

Bankert has a court order temporarily blocking the foreclosure by Harmon Law Office and Deutsche Bank on his house at 42 Pratt Lane.

In a legal ad in The Sun Chronicle Wednesday, the bank and law firm scheduled an auction on the house for 3 p.m. Oct. 22.

Bankert said a hearing will be held Thursday in New Bedford Superior Court on the restraints against foreclosure he obtained while representing himself.

He admits to falling behind in paying his mortgage and said his financial situation is “absolutely” related to his legal issues.

Bankert has battled in court over various issues over the years.

In 2016, he was fined $675 for erecting a replica pirate ship in Falls Pond in North Attleboro without a permit.

The town contended that the structure was actually a dock, not a boat, and it had a slide, swinging rope and diving board on it.

The judge in the case called Bankert’s defense “nautical nonsense.”

In February of 2018 he was ordered to pay $1,000 a month toward $195,000 in restitution for allegedly tampering with gas meters in his laundromats.

Norton police also pressed charges against him in connection with allegations he allowed teenagers to drink alcohol in a parking lot he owned.

The natural gas case is on appeal and the parking lot drinking case has yet to go to trial.

Bankert said the law firm and bank have not produced the proper documentation for foreclosure.

Harmon Law could not be reached for comment, but Bankert said the firm did not have the proper documentation for a foreclosure.

Bristol County Superior Court Judge Thomas McGuire Jr. preliminary enjoined Harmon Law and temporarily restrained Deutsche Bank from foreclosing in December 2018. The case has been ongoing since then.

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