ATTLEBORO — In the wake of state Rep. Paul Heroux revealing he was once arrested, a candidate for city council has come forward to say he too had a brush with the law.

Todd Kobus, a candidate for Ward 3 city councilor, said that back in 2008 he was arrested for trespassing after running out onto the field of Gillette Stadium and trying to embrace the late Junior Seau, who at the time was a linebacker for The New England Patriots.

“I gave him a big hug and told him Merry Christmas,” Kobus said.

Photos of the incident show Kobus and Seau falling together onto the ground. Kobus said he was tackled by security and later charged with trespassing.

The case was continued without a finding.

Kobus said his actions were a harmless prank but he knows he made a mistake.

He said he has since been a law-abiding, solid citizen.

Kobus is a 20-year veteran of the National Guard who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a software engineer, a father and a husband.

“This doesn’t define me,” he said of the incident.

He said he wanted his past to be known so that voters do not get blindsided by it if someone makes it an issue in the Nov. 7 city election.

At least two other city council candidates, Roxanne Houghton and Jonathan Weydt have had encounters with the law that were well publicized at the time.

Kobus’ disclosure came the day after Heroux, who is running for mayor, revealed he was arrested in 2010 as a result of a dispute with his sister’s boyfriend at the time.

Heroux was living temporarily in a house owned by his father with his sister and the boyfriend. Heroux said he was taking courses at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government at the time and was temporarily between apartments.

Since the revelation was reported on by The Sun Chronicle Monday, more details of the arrest have surfaced from court documents about the case.

The documents said police were dispatched to the house and Heroux met them in the driveway to say he “got into the face” of his sister’s boyfriend in a dispute about a dirty pizza box.

They had a heated argument about the boyfriend not disposing of the box in the trash.

Heroux claimed the boyfriend pushed him and Heroux took the boyfriend to the ground to restrain him.

Heroux, the boyfriend and the sister said Heroux used a choke hold to restrain the boyfriend, according to court records.

The boyfriend told police he argued with Heroux, but did not push him.

The sister also said she did not see her boyfriend push Heroux.

Police took Heroux away in handcuffs.

The former boyfriend has since said the incident was no big deal and Heroux should not have been arrested.

The documents said the case was dropped at the request of the prosecutor and the boyfriend.

Heroux was never arraigned or formally charged with anything.

Jim Hand may be reached at 508-236-0399 or You can follow him on Twitter at @TSCpolitics.

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