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Attleboro City Hall

ATTLEBORO — The city council is considering narrowing the scope of a proposed ordinance that would allow for installing permanent speed “humps” on certain streets to slow traffic down.

The humps are referred to as traffic “calming” measures and would be similar to speed bumps but with less of an impact.

The council has been considering a measure that would allow the city to put the humps on roads that become popular shortcuts.

The proposal states the humps could be placed on “residential, secondary streets that have been identified as popular alternate, or cut through routes to avoid traffic delays and (where) the posted speed limits are 30 miles-per-hour or less.”

Councilor Diana Holmes, chairwoman of the ordinance committee, said the measure may be too sweeping and she will attempt to amend it at Tuesday’s council meeting.

She said traffic engineers should be helping to determine where the humps go and she wants the proposal rewritten.

In the meantime, however, she will try to get the council to pass a compromise measure that allows the humps within 500 feet of a municipal building.

Jack Jacobi, vice chairman of the school building committee, said some type of proposal is needed for city buildings because speed humps are part of the reconfiguration of Rathbun Willard Drive, which is part of the new high school project.

Four humps, or tables, as he calls them, are planned for the area along Rathbun Willard, which is being altered and extended to connect the area near Brennan Middle School and the new high school.

Holmes said the city’s ordinance allowing temporary humps to be placed on roads will remain in effect.

It has been used on streets such as Claflin Street, which motorists use to avoid traffic at the intersection of Holden and North Main streets.

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