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Attleboro City Hall

ATTLEBORO — People running for city office have one week to submit their nomination papers for certification by election officials.

The three mayoral candidates are all certified for the ballot, which means there will be a preliminary election on Sept. 21.

If all three potential candidates for Ward 6 city council become certified, they would also be on that ballot.

But as of Tuesday none of the three, Diana Holmes, Mark R. Willis nor Klaudia Gajda, had submitted their nomination papers.

Meanwhile, Mayor Paul Heroux will face off against Todd E. McGhee and James K. Poore in September.

McGhee is a first-time candidate and former state police officer and Poore, who has run for council in the past, works in the hazardous waste industry as a truck driver.

Heroux is seeking his third term, which he said would be his last.

All six candidates for council at-large are certified for the ballot.

They are Peter Blais, Richard J. Conti, Cathleen DeSimone, James J. Dilisio and Ty Waterman, who are the incumbents, and Daryl Velez who is the lone challenger.

Tanuja Goulet Arany withdrew from the at-large race and has become certified to run for the Ward 2 council seat being vacated by council President Mark Cooper.

Kelly A. Bennett has taken out nomination papers for that seat but had not returned them as of Tuesday.

Incumbent Sara Lynn Reynolds is certified for Ward 1 council and faces no opposition.

Todd M. Kobus is certified for Ward 3 council and faces no opposition.

Michael Angelo and Roxanne Houghton are certified for the Ward 4 seat being vacated by Kate Jackson, who is running for city clerk against Laurie Sawyer.

Jackson and Sawyer are both certified for the ballot.

Current clerk Stephen K. Withers Sr. is not seeking reelection.

Laura Dolan is certified as a candidate for the Ward 5 city council seat.

All of the candidates for the ward school committee seats are running unopposed. They are Dianne E. Sawyer in Ward 1; William Larson in Ward 2; Stephen K. Withers Jr. in Ward 3; Lynn Porto in Ward 4; Chris Frappier in Ward 5 and Scott Domenici in Ward 6.

Withers and Porto have yet to submit their nomination papers.

And there there a four candidates for the three at-large school committee seats: James J. Stors, Robert P. Geddes, Timothy F. Morin Jr. and Shannon G. Johnson.

Stors and Geddes, the incumbents, are certified for the ballot. Morin and Johnson have yet to submit their papers.

Zaida Keefer is running unopposed for city collector and Laura Gignac is running unopposed for city treasurer.

Both are certified for the ballot.

The city election is on Nov. 2.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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