There are only four challengers running for seven state legislative seats in the Attleboro area, but they are a varied bunch.

There is a house painter, a former classical guitarist, a columnist for online magazine The Huffington Post and a Baptist pastor.

The house painter is Stephen Kane. He is running against Paul Heroux, the Huffington Post columnist, in the Democratic primary in Attleboro.

The winner will take on incumbent Rep. George Ross, R-Attleboro, in November.

Kane has been running on a number of economic issues and has made Attleboro's exclusion from the state's Gateway Cities program a priority.

He has argued that Attleboro was wrongly excluded from Gateway Cities because its median income is slightly above the eligibility requirement set by the state. He said the number is within the margin of error.

If elected, he said he would press the state to include Attleboro, making it eligible for economic development and housing aid.

Heroux is a consultant who says he does efficiency studies for government agencies. He has worked in the past as a researcher for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.

Lately he has been writing guest columns for The Huffington Post, many of them addressing issues with Iran.

Both men have spent a lot of time campaigning door-to-door in the city's neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, in the 4th Bristol District, Democrat Keith Carreiro is taking on incumbent Rep. Steve Howitt, R-Seekonk, in a district that includes Seekonk, Rehoboth, portions of Swansea and a small slice of Norton.

Carreiro, a Democrat, is a former professional classical guitarist turned teacher who has served on the Swansea School Committee since 2009.

With masters and doctoral degrees from Harvard University, he has been teaching English, philosophy and humanities at Bristol Community College in Attleboro.

He said he is running on a platform of improving education in order to improve the economy of Massachusetts.

The Baptist pastor is Jeff Bailey of Attleboro. A Republican, Bailey is running against state Sen. James Timilty, D-Walpole.

Bailey said he considers his role as a pastor to be a form of community service, and that is what a legislator should be doing, as well.

In addition to heading Grace Baptist Church in Attleboro, he is a founder and leader of the rapidly growing school attached to the church.

Bailey calls himself a different kind of politician and often sprinkles his speeches with folksy tales of humbling experiences he has had over the years, rather than a lot of 10-point policy plans.

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