South Main crash

A police officer puts tape up near the Dodgeville Country Store on South Main Street in Attleboro following a crash in which a woman was pulled from a burning vehicle.

ATTLEBORO — A woman was pulled from a burning vehicle early Saturday morning and rushed to Rhode Island Hospital with critical injuries, but is expected to survive due to the life-saving actions of firefighters.

Deputy Chief Dennis Perkins credited the quick-thinking of firefighters who responded to the call for helping to save the woman’s life following the 2:30 a.m. crash at the Dodgeville curve on South Main Street.

He said the vehicle the woman was driving rolled over a number of times, burst into flames and was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived.

The car was on its side, the deputy chief said. The woman was somehow tucked into a bottom corner of the car with a pocket of air.

At first, fire crews didn’t realize anyone was still inside, but when they did, they smashed open windows to provide oxygen, and set up two powerful portable fans to the vent the smoke away from the woman.

While Engine 5’s crew worked on the fire, firefighters from the ladder and the rescue teams worked hydraulic equipment to open the vehicle.

They had to protect the woman from the flames and smoke all while working to get her out, Perkins said.

If it hadn’t been real, it would have been like a scene from a Hollywood movie, the Deputy Chief said.

After 15 or 20 minutes, the woman was free of the car and put in an awaiting ambulance.

Perkins said he is putting all firefighters that worked the rescue scene in for commendations for their heroic actions.

Police did not allow media who responded to cover the incident near the area.

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