Inaugural Balls Obama

First lady Michelle Obama smiles has she dances with President Barack Obama during The Inaugural Ball at the Washignton convention center during the 57th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, Monday, Jan. 21, 2013. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

The first lady's new bangs have caused a stir - and some imitation - since their debut on her 49th birthday last week.

They even landed a Twitter handle, michellesbangs, with a bio that describes the bangs as "the most powerful force in the


So powerful, that they have become the topic in area hair salons, with many considering taking the plunge into bang land and few actually doing it.

"Everybody is talking about Michelle Obama's bangs," said stylist Elise Precourt, who owns Total Image in Attleboro.

Envy Hair Design, a North Attleboro salon, has received a couple of requests for bangs since the first lady unveiled her's, stylist Kayla Renda said.

Renda pointed out that bangs were starting to catch on before before Michelle Obama unveiled her new do by posting a photo to her Twitter account, FLOTUS.

"They're definitely in right now," Renda said.

Cutting Edge owner Deana Pinette said that it's still too early to tell what kind of influence the new haircut will have on customers.

Appointments at Cutting Edge in Attleboro are typically booked five weeks out, so more people will probably request bangs in the coming weeks, stylist Amanda DeJesus said.

"We haven't had anyone come in to get them yet, some people have mentioned them," said Maria Mahoney, receptionist at LaCave Suzanne in Attleboro.

Melanie McNaughton, assistant professor of communications studies at Bridgewater State University, described the first lady's new style as "an iconic fashion forward look."

"It's kind of bold with that straight line, but it makes sense with her broad fashion style," McNaughton said.

The style isn't the conservative look that might be expected of a first lady.

Michelle Obama sported grape-colored gloves and a sparkly belt over her long navy silk checkered coat at the inaugural parade and at the Democratic National Convention she wore a blue and pink sleeveless dress.

"You would expect she would wear something with sleeves or a dress suit. Instead, she wore something that's bright and vibrant," McNaughton said.

"It's always very appropriate, but it's not the conservative or expected option," she said.

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Why didn't Michelle's multi-million dollar taxpayer trip to Spain make this much news?

Or how about her comment in 2008 at age forty four when she stated " for the first time in my adult life I'm really proud of my country".

Maybe the bangs will reinvigorate her pride in America.

So this is news that the first lady has a new do?


Ugly is as ugly looks.

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