'Into The Blizzard'

New York Times bestselling author and former Sun Chronicle columnist Michael J. Tougias has launched a new series of books aimed at middle readers (age 8-14) titled “True Rescue Series.”

Tougias, of Mendon, is working with Christy Ottaviano Books at Henry Holt Publishers and together they have released three books with several more in development.

This week they released “Into the Blizzard: Heroism at Sea During the Great Blizzard of 1978.” The book is an adaptation of Tougias’ adult book “Ten Hours Until Dawn.” The two previous books released in the series were also adaptations of Tougias’ adult survival and rescue stories: “The Finest Hours” and “A Storm Too Soon.” All three books were Scholastic Selections and Junior Literary Guild Selections.

“When I was a kid, I read every true adventure book I could get my hands on,” Tougias said. “And now I want to bring new stories to young readers. My mantra when writing these books is ‘make them fast paced and edge-of-your-seat.’ I may not have been a top student, but I’m convinced that reading for pleasure helped me grow my horizons and mature.”

“These stores are about real, flawed heroes – not the super heroes of the movies,” he added.

Tougias said that in 2020 these same stories will also be available in what are called chapter books, aimed at readers age 5-8.

Next up in the series are two WWII books. The first is Tougias’ co-authored book “So Close To Home,” about a family that survives a U-boat attack in the Gulf of Mexico. The second is a book written by another author that Tougias is adapting for the series. It’s about the USS Indianapolis, which was involved in the worst disaster in U.S. Naval History.

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