They say foxes are sly.

But two fox cubs got themselves stuck in a storm drain Monday on Baker Street in the area of Chestnut Street.

Fortunately for the two females, someone walking on Baker Street heard their cries for help and called 911 at about 2:40 p.m.

After firefighters took off the drain grate and Animal Control Officer Kaycee Bailey and Police Officer Adam Byrnes donned protective gloves and rescued the 4-week-old pups.

“They were pretty much covered in mud and soaking wet when we got them,” Bailey said Tuesday, adding that the animals did not put up any resistance.

“They were a little bit scared. They weren’t feisty,” she said.

Bailey said the foxes apparently became trapped after falling into a drop inside the storm drain.

She believes they were trapped for at least an hour but were in good condition despite being wet and covered in mud.

In fact, they were so muddy officials initially thought they were baby coyotes.

The foxes were placed in plastic crates and Bailey and Erin McCarthy, a wildlife rehabilitator, cleaned them up. Because they weren’t able to be reunited with their mom, the cubs will be taken to the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth.

She said the foxes will be released into the wild when they are old enough to be on their own.

David Linton may be reached at 508-236-0338.

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