FOXBORO -- On a perfect September afternoon, people gathered on the town common this past weekend to promote peace locally and beyond.

The Foxboro Rotary Club organized a Peace Day Sunday with 16 booths featuring multicultural and children's activities, the winners of the art contest, a Peace Pole, and a signed "Peace Pledge."

Kay Andberg, the president of the club, said was very happy with the event.

"Everybody was interested in learning about the different cultures that were represented, and also about the different community groups who had come out to help share more information about them and to promote peace," Andberg said.

She hopes they have a better turnout next year, but this was a great start.

"Everybody had smiles. The story reading was great, kids tables as well," she said.

Jennifer Riggs, who came to volunteer, thought it was a great idea since people are generally looking for ways to spread peace and harmony.

"It's a good place to start locally so I decided to come on here," Riggs said.

Selectman Seth Ferguson came to support the event.

"I wanted to represent our board in our town to show that peace is important to us and to our board. We want to support this important initiative for our town, for our area, and for the world," he said.

Sen. Paul Feeney, D-Foxboro, also said it was a wonderful gathering of the community.

"When we talk about acting and thinking globally it really is about acting locally and that's what Foxboro Rotary is on today," he said. "Bringing together so many diverse individuals and organizations in our community to promote peace from within to start right here in our own community to celebrate our diversity and to promote peace across the country and across the world."

Dianne Weinfield said was an important to support diversity and appreciation for all the townspeople's contributions and to try to expand the concept of peace beyond Foxboro.

Her husband, Kevin Weinfield, said he and his wife also attended to help honor Dianne's father, Alexander Spier, who was one of the founding members of Foxboro Rotary Club.

The couple also said the people of Foxboro need to recognize the idea of being good to each other and taking care of people around them.

"Some of (them) may have less than we do or are different than we are, and need to know that as a welcoming community that they have a place here, and that they can contribute, and we can all learn from each other, and that will contribute to peace here and in other places in the world," he said.

Foxboro Police Chief Michael Grace recited a poem at the event from one of the winners of the Peace Day contest which included essays, poetry, videos and artworks.

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