FOXBORO — The Holocaust Stamps Project, undertaken by students at the Foxboro Regional Charter School a decade ago, is on the verge of acquiring a permanent home for its 11 million stamps and the 18 collages fashioned from those stamps.

Now-retired teacher Charlotte Sheer began the project in 2009 and it has continued under the leadership of student life adviser Jamie Droste.

It has been notified that a national stamp-collecting organization has agreed to give it a home at its Pennsylvania headquarters, Sheer said.

“The American Philatelic Society has made a commitment to accept the entire Holocaust Stamps Project collection, from which it will assemble a public exhibit at its headquarters in Bellefonte, Pa.,” Sheer announced in a news release.

Sheer said the executive director of the American Philatelic Society is planning to visit the charter school to collect the project’s inventory, which consists of 11 million postage stamps and 18 Holocaust-themed artworks assembled by kindergarten to grade 12 students.

The project also includes documentation related to the evolution of the 10-year community service learning project undertaken by students and staff at the school.

Sheer put some perspective on the total number of stamps collected.

“Every stamp honors the life of one man, woman, or child — 6 million Jews and 5 million additional individuals murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The number includes 1.5 million children.”

Sheer said that when the staff of the American Philatelic Society “have a tangible accounting of what it is they’ve got to work with, the real planning of the exhibit can begin.”

She said there’s no target date for the opening of the exhibit in Pennsylvania.

A display commemorating the project is also being planned at the Foxboro school, Sheer said.

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