Wrentham District Court

Wrentham District Court

FOXBORO — A Franklin police officer is on administrative leave and facing domestic assault charges stemming from his arrest last month at Patriot Place.

Trevor A. LaCasse, 25, of Wrentham, is accused of shoving his fiancée, a 22-year-old Plainville woman, on the night of June 29 in view of witnesses.

He pleaded innocent in Wrentham District Court to domestic assault and battery and is free on his own recognizance.

The alleged assault was seen by a couple who told police they got out of their car and attempted to help LaCasse’s fiancée, according to court records.

One of the couple, a 38-year-old man, told police that LaCasse said to him, “I am a cop, relax” when he approached, and another couple said they saw LaCasse chase his fiancée and push her after a brief argument, according to records.

Officers working a detail at the Six String Bar were dispatched to a reported fight in front of Santander Bank and came upon LaCasse and the 38-year-old man “face to face” in a “small verbal altercation,” according to records.

LaCasse’s fiancée told police nothing happened and that she and LaCasse had a “small argument.” LaCasse allegedly told the officers that he was “on the job” and that he and his fiancée just had an argument.

LaCasse’s lawyer, Joseph Cataldo of Franklin, said no assault occurred and that witnesses may have been mistaken.

“Both officer LaCasse and the alleged victim, his fiancée, adamantly maintain no assault took place by Officer LaCasse,” Cataldo said.

“The alleged victim never complained she was assaulted and witnesses who state they saw something to the contrary are either mistaken or covering for their own aggressive behavior,” Cataldo said.

LaCasse is due back in court next month for a pretrial conference.

David Linton may be reached at 508-236-0338.

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