SA Train Station Tour

Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack and other state official met at the South Attleboro train platform Jan. 9 to discuss the upcoming planned renovations to the commuter rail stop.

ATTLEBORO — State and local officials will hold a hearing March 2 on a planned $30 million to $40 million reconstruction of the South Attleboro commuter rail station.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. in city hall. State transit officials will explain the project and residents will be able to give their thoughts on it, state Rep. James Hawkins, D-Attleboro, said.

Hawkins has been pressuring the MBTA for months to include a new pedestrian overpass at the site because the current one is badly rusted.

Local lawmakers toured the station last week with Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack, who said the overpass was safe to use. She said designing the new station will take about a year.

Hawkins said commuters have recently contacted him about their hopes for the project.

One person, for instance, asked that a shelter be included so commuters do not have to wait in the cold for trains.

Another asked for bicycles racks.

Hawkins said those are the kind of ideas he hopes residents will bring to the March 2 meeting.

The South Attleboro station is off Route 1A in Bristol Place shopping plaza, near the Market Basket supermarket.

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