ATTLEBORO — Mayor Paul Heroux said Tuesday he has always wanted to run for Congress, but he loves his job in City Hall and would not consider running now.

Heroux said being mayor is the best and most interesting job he has ever had and he enjoys it because he can get things done.

“I can see why Kevin Dumas stayed for 14 years,” he said of his predecessor in the corner office.

He said his political focus is only on running for re-election in the November city election.

Any thoughts of Congress will have to wait until the future, he said.

Heroux, a Democrat, said he was questioned by a reporter from the Boston Globe about run for a congressional seat and other political observers have mentioned the possibility.

Heroux’s name is being mentioned as a potential congressional candidate for two reasons.

One, U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, D-Brookline, is considering running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Ed Markey, D-Malden.

If Kennedy runs for the higher office, it would open up a seat and anyone interested would not have to worry about going against an entrenched incumbent.

Heroux represents one of the largest communities in the 4th Congressional District and has high name recognition in the area.

Second, Heroux actually took out nomination papers for Congress for the 2012 election when Rep. Barney Frank retired.

But he withdrew from the race without returning the nomination papers and ran for and was elected state representative instead. He is now in his first term as mayor.

The possibility of Kennedy’s seat opening up has touched off considerable speculation on who might seek his seat within political circles.

State Sen. Paul Feeney, D-Foxboro, said his cell phone went crazy over the weekend with people asking if he would run.

He said there is no opening at this time so there is nothing for him to say about running.

Heroux said he agrees with Feeney’s comment.

The 4th District includes all of the Attleboro area along with more northern communities, such as Brookline and Newton and more southern citiesn such as Taunton and Fall River.

There was some speculation among Democrats that former Newton Mayor Setti Warren would be an interesting candidate.

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