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State Rep. Paul Heroux, D-Attleboro. (Staff file photo by Mark Stockwell)

ATTLEBORO - When Paul Heroux worked for the Philadelphia jail system, he said part of his job was to measure which programs worked and which did not.

He said he wants to bring that same approach to Beacon Hill if he is elected state representative on Tuesday.

State programs should not continue to get funded if it is proven that they are ineffective, he said. Unfortunately, he added, most programs are never studied for their effectiveness, so legislators and policy makers have no way of evaluating them.

If elected, he said he would push to have measurements attached to programs to provide hard evidence on which should be funded by the Legislature.

A Democrat, Heroux said demanding efficiency might not sound like a position normally emphasized by his party, but he considers himself a moderate everyone can get behind.

Heroux, 36, who is engaged to be married, is running for office for the first time. He taking on incumbent state Rep. George Ross, R-Attleboro.

Ross has years of experience in city politics and a fundraising advantage over Heroux, so the challenger is trying to make up for his disadvantages by outworking the incumbent.

He has knocked on thousands of doors to meet voters and come out with a number of policy positions.

"He is working really hard. He has a lot of energy and is a fast learner," said supporter Ellen Parker, a Democratic activist.

Heroux's first run at elective office certainly has been eventful.

Originally, he intended to run for Congress, but switched to state representative. Then, he had to acknowledge that as a teenager he left the U.S. Navy Reserve before completing basic training.

More recently, he and Ross have been arguing over whether Ross made an obscene gesture to audience members who booed Ross during a debate.

Heroux has also expressed frustration that Ross would only debate once. Ross said he was too busy for more debates, but Heroux pointed out President Barack Obama had time for three debates.

An Attleboro High School graduate, Heroux has three graduate degrees. He has a masters degree from Harvard in public administration, one in international relations from the London School of Economics, and one in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania.

But, Heroux admits he was not always a model student.

In high school he did poorly. But, after working as a youth counselor at the YMCA, he turned his life around, went to junior college, excelled, and then attended the University of Southern California.

Now, Heroux said he wants to give back to the community.

"I want to make a difference," he said.

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(8) comments


Gosh it sure would have been nice if the Sun had run nice pieces like this for Scott Brown when he ran the first time.

Oh, wait. Sorry, he's in the wrong party.

That much became clear when this paper endorsed every Demcorat they could find, even though the majority in this area seems to lean right.


"In high school he did poorly. " YIKES!
This is the best we can do??


Paul is a refreshing change in the sea of politics. He has real ideas that will work, he has enthusiasm, compassion, honesty and integrity. He can and will work with others at the Capital to serve his constituents and make our area a better place to live and work and return to.
So what if he did not do well in High School or that he left the Naval Reserve early...is that truly what one should be basing their vote on? Paul has shown that he can take a rough start and turn it around and become a success. Something I personally am excited to see him do for our area.


NorEaster - good points, however, doing poorly in HS and quiting the reserve are 2 totally different things. He quit when things got tough, he couldn't deal with the pressure. That is a charecter flaw, one that I consider concerning. You can't just leave basic training, it doesn't work like that. You have to pretty much beg and cry your way out. Then you have to sit an watch while the other men are training, while you're waiting to be processed out. You have to be a very week person.


Thanks Jose. I do not see it as 'a very week person' at all. I was not there when this happened at Basic, where you? If not, then neither you nor I know the circumstances. My point is that Paul chose to do something ( a lot of somethings) with his life, not sit back and whine about what had not gone right. I think that shows a tremendous amount of character and someone who gets my support.


No, I wasn't there with him. I have witnessed people dropping out of basic training, and I do feel it is a sign of weakness. I also watched out of shape 250+ pound men, battle through training and complete the course. I'm not saying this man isn't deserving of a second chance, or that he wouldn't do well if voted in; but I'm pointing out that quitting the service, during basic training, is a lot different than not doing well in school.


"The first and best line of defense for children is their parents," Heroux fired back. "Sexual predators don't go to public places to prey on children."

Clearly he missed the attack on a six year old in the New Bedford Public Library.

Paul also made a comment I believe on Libya where he stated that it wasn't Obama or Romney's fault.

This struck me as being a good Democrat first and the good of the country second. Obama owns the situation in Libya lock, stock and barrel.

He strikes me as book smart and real world clueless, and quite honestly, we've had enough of that in the last four years.


Gary, Forget book smart. He was a slacker in school. And a quitter soon thereafter. He seems to want to "BE SOMEBODY" but when the going got tough, he folded like a two dollar suitcase. WAHHH!

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