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The Kraft group is proposing to raze the historic Amos Morse House on North Street, which has become dilapidated over the course of time. Efforts to find someone to buy and preserve the building have not been successful.

FOXBORO -- The historical commission cannot block the proposed demolition of the 215-year-old Amos Morse house, but it can impose a six-month delay, Chairman Mark Ferencik said Tuesday.

And that is exactly what the commission will consider doing.

At its next meeting Saturday, the board will vote on whether the 1803 building is historically significant. If the commission votes yes, then a six-month delay can be imposed after a public hearing.

The delay would give the owners, the Kraft Group, time to consider selling the building to someone who would save the house or take other measures to preserve it.

“During that time we would encourage the owners to sell it, move it, repurpose it, etc, but that is all that we can do,” he said.

The building inspector actually issues demolition permits.

Ferencik said Robert and Sandra Ivatts of nearby 129 North St. have offered to buy the house in the past.

Jeremie Smith of the Kraft organization issued a statement Wednesday saying the group wante dto demolish the building out of safety concerns and there are no plans for the property.

"We are trying to find a satisfactory solution for the Amos Morse House, including gifting or selling the house to someone interested in relocating and preserving it in town, or salvaging significant pieces of the house so that it can be preserved and later reused elsewhere in town. We have received some inquiries over the last few years expressing initial interest in one or more of these alternatives, but sadly none have been willing to make the commitment necessary to move any of these options forward. It has now been determined that the house is unsafe and needs to be taken down. We will continue to work with the Historical Commission through this process and if someone comes forward with a reasonable plan, we will certainly do our best to work with them. If not, then the house should be removed from the property for safety reasons," he said.

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