michelle carter

Defendant Michelle Carter is seated inside Taunton Juvenile Court on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, during a pre trial hearing, in Taunton, Mass. Carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter for sending her boyfriend text messages encouraging him to kill himself.  (Patrick Whittemore /The Boston Herald via AP, Pool)

PLAINVILLE - A judge wants Michelle Carter to go on trial in early March on charges she badgered her boyfriend through text messages and phone calls to commit suicide.

Judge Lawrence Moniz told prosecutors and lawyers for Carter Monday that he wants the manslaughter case to go to trial March 6.

"I'm going to hold everybody's feet to the fire," Moniz said during a pretrial hearing in Taunton Juvenile Court.

A February trial date has gone by the way side as lawyers in the case are still mired in the process of exchanging records and other information necessary to prepare for trial.

Carter, 20, is accused of using "emotional coercion" in a series of text messages and phone calls to badger 18-year-old Conrad Roy III of Mattapoisett to take his own life in July 2014.

Carter, who was a 17-year-old senior at King Philip Regional High School at the time, has pleaded innocent.

Her lawyer, Joseph Cataldo of Franklin, has argued that whatever comments Carter made were constitutionally protected free speech and that she was not responsible for Roy's suicide.

During the hearing Monday, lawyers for both sides say they are unsure whether Facebook has complied with a search warrant to turn over all of the content on Roy's Facebook page.

Prosecutors have already turned over 20,000 pages of Roy's Facebook account to the defense. But, Cataldo said Monday that the records made reference to "partial records" of Roy's account.

Moniz has also granted funds for Cataldo to hire an expert on Celexa, a popular and powerful anti-depressant that both Carter and Roy were prescribed.

Cataldo said research shows the drug causes suicidal thoughts in adolescents.

"We think it's relevant to the case," Cataldo said during a press conference.

The judge is also allowing the defense to examine the computer used by Roy's mother to see of Roy used it to make videos as he had on other computers the defense has examined.

On the videos made about a month before his suicide, according to Cataldo, Roy said, "I don't like life. I'm different. Things of that nature," Cataldo said.

Roy had previously attempted suicide in 2012, an incident prosecutors say Carter was aware of before she allegedly pestered him to take his life.

The judge also required prosecutors to notify the defense of any other incidents of domestic violence in Roy's immediate family that occurred in his presence.

The defense has already been given documentation stemming from Lynn Roy's 2011 arrest after a fight with her then-husband. She was charged with domestic assault and battery, but not convicted.

During the discussion about setting a trial date, Cataldo said the defense has 40,000 pages of records and is still waiting for reports from expert witnesses.

"I'll do everything I can to prepare for a March trial date," Cataldo said in court.

But Assistant District Attorney Maryclare Flynn countered that most of the records are from 2011 and 2012 "when Conrad Roy didn't even know Michelle Carter" and doubted the relevance to the case.

Hearings are scheduled in February for the judge to determine what experts will be allowed to testify at trial. The defense also has hired a psychologist on adolescent brain development and impulse control.