Seekonk PD K9

Seekonk Police Sgt. Adam Laprade and K9 Mattis

SEEKONK — K9 Mattis came up short on A&E’s “America’s Top Dog” but is still tops in the hearts of town residents.

In an episode that aired Tuesday night, Mattis and his handler, Sgt. Adam Laprade, went nose to nose with Lessburg, Fla. Officer Gary Herrero and his K9, Banner.

But Mattis and Laprade lost the obstacle course competition by just 8 seconds after Banner stumbled on a high jump but made up for lost time on the rest of the course.

Laprade congratulated Herrero on the episode, titled “Tricks, Trials and Takedowns.”

Despite the loss, local viewers voiced their support for Mattis and Laprade on the police department’s Facebook Page.

“Mattis you were great,” one person wrote.

“Great job, you guys,” another said.

“What a great run #TeamMattis! Seekonk is so proud of you!” read another post, which received 230 reactions, 58 comments of support and was shared 38 times by Wednesday afternoon.

Laprade told one of the show’s hosts that he and Mattis were competing in memory of his friend, Yarmouth K9 Sgt. Sean Gannon, who was shot and killed serving a warrant three years ago. Gannon’s partner Nero was injured.

Laprade could not be reached for comment Wednesday about the show, but in an earlier interview with The Sun Chronicle, he said “it was an amazing experience overall,” adding that he was proud of Mattis’ performance.

Laprade and Mattis, a 4-year-old German shepherd, have been partners for 2 ½ years, tracking down criminal suspects, finding missing persons and recovering illicit drugs.

David Linton may be reached at 508-236-0338.

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