KP high school building

King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham.

WRENTHAM — Several King Philip Regional High School students at a homecoming football game against Mansfield High this past weekend were found to be drinking alcohol and violating other state laws and school regulations, school and police officials say.

“It has come to our attention that at the Friday night, Oct. 4, varsity football game between King Philip and Mansfield, several King Philip students in the student seating section exhibited poor sportsmanship and behavior that violates local laws and the student handbook, including underage drinking,” King Philip Superintendent Paul Zinni and Wrentham Police Chief William McGrath said in a press release.

“Some of the students were acting unruly and chanting vulgarities toward the opponents and their fans,” they said. “When a KPHS staff member tried to go intervene and speak to a particular student, a group of students shouted obscenities at the staff member.”

The staff member was unable to walk up the stands because of overcrowding and people sitting on the bleacher stairs, Zinni and McGrath said.

Following the game, which King Philip lost 15-13, empty alcohol containers were found where the students had been sitting.

The officials said they would like to notify the community that the type of behavior exhibited at the game is not acceptable and can put students and others at risk.

As a result of the incident, they said at this Friday’s home game against Attleboro High School, there will be an increased police presence along with additional school staff who will be monitoring the stands for alcohol consumption.

Any student found in possession or under the influence of alcohol could be subject to legal and administrative consequences, officials warn.

As spelled out in the student handbook school administrators can administer a Breathalyzer test on any student at a school event if they suspect the student could be under the influence of alcohol.

Also, the stairs on the bleachers must remain clear at all times, and officials said that will be strictly enforced at Friday’s game to ensure safety.

“Warrior pride runs deep throughout the Tri-Town area. Rooting for KP and having fun at the football games is something we all look forward to,” Zinni and McGrath said. “But the behavior of the students at last week’s game was unacceptable and unsafe. It is our job to ensure that all KP activities and events are safe and enjoyable for all who attend.”

Their news release did not state what if any disciplinary action would be taken against students at last Friday night’s game.

Stephen Peterson can be reached at 508-236-0377.

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