Casino Suspension Reaction

An anti-casino sign remains on Granite Street in Foxboro during the campaign. (File photo by Mark Stockwell)

FOXBORO —  The Kraft Group wants to make one thing absolutely clear: It has no intention of seeking to build a casino in Foxboro.

Jeff Cournoyer, spokesman for the group, unequivocally said today that a draft rezoning proposal for land across from Gillette Stadium is for possible future development involving a hotel, entertainment and conference space.

Thoughts of building a casino were abandoned when the town made clear its feelings of opposing gambling during the spring town elections, he said.

The Kraft Group wants to rezone the land to open it up for development for uses that are consistent with what already exists at Patriot Place, he said. The plans do not involve gambling.

“First and foremost, we are not proposing a casino. The town doesn’t want a casino. They have made that clear,” he said.

Earlier this year, the Kraft Group floated the idea of having a Las Vegas-style resort casino built on the land in conjunction with gambling tycoon Steve Winn.

Fears that the casino idea could be resurfacing apparently were voiced by residents at a planning board meeting last week when the rezoning proposal was discussed.

A reference to “resort, conference and/or entertainment facilities” in the proposal may have contributed to the fears.

But, Cournoyer said resort refers to a hotel, conference facility to business meeting space, and entertainment to uses similar to what already exists at Patriot Place.

He said it is irresponsible for anyone to try to use that wording to accuse the Kraft Group of trying to revive the casino idea.

“This is not about gambling. We are not pursuing a casino,” he said.

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