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ATTLEBORO — A Lowell woman has been sentenced to 120 days in jail for fleeing state police at speeds of over 130 mph on Interstate 95 in 2018.

Sara L. Fogarty, 30, was sentenced Thursday in Attleboro District Court after pleading guilty to failing to stop for police and other charges.

She appeared in court via video conference from jail, where she has been held for three months since her bail was revoked on cases in other courts. Fogarty will have the time served knocked off her sentence.

Judge Edmund Mathers rejected her lawyer’s recommendation of 90 days in jail, saying, “130 miles an hour is a deal-breaker for me.”

Fogarty admitted to driving repeatedly at speeds of over 130 mph when state police attempted to stop her on I-95 about 1:40 a.m. on Nov. 3, 2018, according to court records.

Trooper Michael Best said in a police report that he broke off the pursuit twice when Fogarty accelerated after initially slowing down.

According to the report,another motorist called police reporting an erratic driver who almost struck a guardrail in the area of the Newport Avenue exit.

Best, who was on Route 123, responded to the call and attempted to stop Fogarty when he got onto the highway.

A check revealed the vehicle was registered to a Fogarty’s brother.

Fogarty was initially traveling at between 55 and 70 mph and doing so erratically.

Instead of pulling over when Best activated his emergency lights and siren near the Toner Boulevard exit, Fogarty accelerated to 130 mph in the area of the Toner Boulevard exit.

Best, noting there were wet road conditions and light traffic on the highway at the time, ended the pursuit.

When he got near the vehicle again as it slowed down at the Foxboro-Sharon exit, Fogarty again accelerated to 130 mph near the Walpole exit after Best turned on his emergency lights.

Best again broke off the pursuit and radioed to other troopers further north in the area of Route 128, but police suspect Fogarty got off the highway in Norwood or Canton.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Fogarty after she was identified as the driver during a subsequent investigation.

Fogarty was arraigned in April 2020 and has been held in jail since November, when her bail was revoked on other criminal cases in other courts.

At the time of the pursuit, her license had been revoked for being a habitual traffic offender and she was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant.

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