ATTLEBORO — Market Basket has begun taking job applications for its future store in South Attleboro.

An alert Sun Chronicle reader snapped a photo of a sign at the supermarket chain’s Bellingham store Wednesday announcing the firm was accepting applications.

Market Basket completed construction of the 78,500-square-foot South Attleboro store at the site of the former Shaw’s supermarket in the Bristol Place shopping plaza off Route 1A in March.

However, the store’s opening has been delayed for months because of turmoil in the company.

Supermarket officials announced they hoped to open the South Attleboro store before Thanksgiving.

The announcement comes after the resolution of a months-long dispute over the firing of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas by his cousin and rival, Arthur S. Demoulas, head of the company’s board of directors.

Market Basket employees protested the dismissal by staging walkouts of stores and the chain’s distribution center, urging the board of directors to reinstate Arthur T., whom many workers described as a beloved boss with a dedication to workers and customers.

Another unopened store is in Revere.

Company officials said each store would need about 400 employees, who would be trained at existing supermarkets in the chain.

Since Revere is closer to other Market Basket stores, that site would likely open first, company officials have said.

The South Attleboro store would likely be next.

November and December are a hectic time for retailers and grocers, and recruiting and training hundreds of new employees could be especially difficult for Market Basket at that time of year.

If hiring and training is delayed into the holiday season, the store probably would not open until 2015.

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