ATTLEBORO — While it became public that Todd McGhee, a former state trooper and current private security consultant, took out nomination papers for mayor last month, he formally declared his candidacy Tuesday.

“On this momentous day, Mr. Todd McGhee proudly announced his candidacy for the 2021 mayoral election in the city of Attleboro…,” a press release said.

In addition, McGhee, 56, plans to have a campaign kickoff Saturday for invited guests only, which include the McGhee for Mayor Campaign Committee and his family.

The event will be held at a private residence on Farmers Lane.

McGhee is the third candidate to enter the race.

Current Mayor Paul Heroux, 45, is seeking a third and final term and former city council candidate Jim Poore, 49, is also in the race and has acquired the required number of signatures for nomination.

Heroux is not limited to three terms, but he has previously declared that he will not serve more than three.

Unless someone drops out, McGhee’s candidacy means there will be a preliminary election on Sept. 21 in which one of the three will be eliminated.

His announcement included an outline of his platform.

“The culmination of Todd McGhee’s experience in the public and private sector will benefit the needs of the city with his focus on people, programs and public services,” the press release said.

“Some examples included in his plan are to create solutions that will bring dignity back to the lives of the disadvantaged population and address the overdose crisis; partner with existing small businesses while also incentivizing technology industries to make Attleboro their headquarters; cultivating economic diversity while also establishing a school to job pipeline; and fostering collaboration with the city’s best and brightest talent to organize infrastructure task forces to identify gaps and develop solutions.”

In a previous comment, Heroux said he welcomes the competition.

“Democracy is strengthened by competition,” he said.

Meanwhile, Poore, of Derrick Drive, said previously that his aim is to “bring the city together.”

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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