ATTLEBORO — A local attorney and golf course owner is hoping to open a recreational pot shop on lower County Street near the Pawtucket line.

Constant S. Poholek Jr., the owner of Green River Cannabis Company Inc., has applied for a special permit to sell marijuana from the same building that houses a used car business, Blue & White Motors.

According to his application, Poholek, a North Attleboro resident who has his attorney’s office at 30 Washington St. in Attleboro, plans to renovate the 3,181-square-foot building at 1815 County into a 2,123-square-foot auto sales and repair business and 1,058-square-foot retail pot shop.

Blue & White, which specializes in the sales and service of BMWs, is owned by Jonathan and Jeanne Johnson of Attleboro.

Green River has submitted an application for the marijuana business to the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.

The company also owns a retail pot shop in Greenfield for which the CCC has granted a provisional license.

That business is expected to open soon, according to the Green River website.

Poholek co-owns Heather Hill Country Club in Plainville with Karen Finocchi of North Attleboro.

Plans were laid in 2016 to build 611 townhouses and single-family homes on the 27-hole course, but a scaled-down version of the project has yet to begin and golf is still being played at the site.

Currently, the only fully licensed and operating pot shop in Attleboro is Nova Farms LLC, located off County Street at 34 Extension St.

Nova Farms had hoped to move its retail operation to Chartier Street in South Attleboro near the Pawtucket line, but the zoning board rejected the application last month.

Meanwhile, Major Bloom LLC has a provisional license from the CCC and a special permit from the city to open a retail pot shop at 20 John Williams St. when renovations are complete.

Ashli’s Farm Inc., a marijuana growing business, Ashli’s Extract Inc., a marijuana product business, and Ashli’s Inc., a retail recreational marijuana business, all have provisional licenses from the CCC and special permits from the city.

The buildings to house those businesses are yet to be constructed and will be located on Frank Mossberg Drive off County Street.

Aspen Blue Cultures Inc. has a special permit from the city to sell recreational and medical marijuana and has applied for its state license to open a shop at 40 Forest St.

The company has razed old factory buildings to make way for a new structure that butts up against a residential neighborhood.

Marijuana businesses are confined to industrial zones in Attleboro.

A public hearing on the Green River proposal is slated for Thursday at 6:30 p.m. via the online Zoom platform.

For instructions on how to access Zoom, go to

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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