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King Philip High School, shown above playing against Attleboro High School’s football team on Oct, 8, has instituted a new rule for home games in which all non-high-school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

WRENTHAM — All non-high school students, including elementary and middle school students, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend King Philip home varsity football games after several instances of inappropriate behavior, school officials say.

“In recent weeks, there have been several instances of young students exhibiting unruly, inappropriate, disrespectful, and unsportsmanlike behavior during games,” KP Superintendent Paul Zinni said in a letter to parents that was also posted on the school website this past week. “This behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

There was a reported fight at one game.

In the past, it’s been a routine practice for parents of elementary and middle school students to drop their kids off at the games. They now must stay for the duration of the game if their kids do, school officials said.

“We ask that parents and guardians talk to their children about their behavior during sporting events and we are hopeful that this issue will subside with this new rule in place,” Zinni said.

KP football edged out Milford High 17-14 Friday night in the first home game following the institution of the new rule, and school officials reported a significant decrease in disruptive student behavior.

The local team is 5-1 overall this season and in second place in the league with a 3-0 record. KP’s next home game is Friday, Oct. 29 against Mansfield.

“At King Philip, we pride ourselves on our sportsmanship and integrity for all student-athletes and the student body,” Zinni said. “We have all been enjoying cheering on our team this season and wish for their continued success.”

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