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Gas pump. (File photo)

Driving in Massachusetts keeps getting more expensive, and by sizable amounts.

The cost of gasoline in the Bay State jumped another 8 cents a gallon over the past week after climbing 9 cents each of the previous two weeks.

The average price is $3.35 per gallon, AAA Northeast found Monday in its weekly survey of gas stations in the state.

The current cost is 26 cents higher than a month ago and $1.25 higher than a year ago when regular was just $2.10.

Massachusetts’ average price is 3 cents lower than the national average, which has risen for 27 consecutive days to $3.38.

In Rhode Island, regular has increased 10 cents to $3.36 over the past week.

The prime drivers for the recent rise in the price of gas is crude oil, which has been steadily increasing in costs due to tight supplies and recently reached a three-year high, analysts say.

“With the U.S. economy slowly recovering from the depths of the pandemic, demand for gas is robust, but the supply is tight,” Mary Maguire of AAA Northeast said. “We haven’t seen prices this high since September of 2014.”

Global oil production is still below pre-pandemic levels. According to new data from the Energy Information Administration, total domestic gasoline stocks decreased by 5.4 million barrels to 217.7 million last week. However, gasoline demand increased from 9.19 million barrels per day to 9.63 million.

Since the cost of oil accounts for more than half of the pump price, consumers will be paying more as long as crude prices remain high.

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