NORTH ATTLEBORO — The alleged getaway driver in a North Attleboro drive-by shooting has been arrested and police say they recovered more than a dozen shotgun shells from his Norfolk home.

The suspect, Kevin Baldwin, 21, of 13 Medway Branch in Norfolk, was ordered held in jail without bail Thursday pending a dangerousness hearing Friday with two co-defendants.

Baldwin, the last remaining of four suspects charged, pleaded innocent in Attleboro District Court to assault with intent to maim and weapons charges.

North Attleboro and Norfolk police executed a search warrant at his home Wednesday and recovered fifteen 12-gauge shotgun shells and three buckshot shells in the garage, but did not recover a weapon, according to police.

Baldwin allegedly told police he broke down the shotgun suspected to have been used in the June 22 shooting and threw it in a swamp in Rehoboth, according to police.

Baldwin was arrested on a warrant Wednesday when he arrived home in a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado pickup. He was arrested without incident by North Attleboro detectives Daniel Arrighi and Richard McQuade.

He is accused of driving the truck past 393 Kelley Blvd. in North Attleboro about 10:30 p.m. on June 22, as the alleged shooter, 19-year-old Kenneth Morton of Attleboro fired a blast at the second-floor of the house.

Prosecutors say there was “bad blood” between Morton and a tenant who lived in the second-floor apartment at the time.

The tenant and a couple and their child on the first-floor were home at the time. They were shaken by the incident, but were not injured, according to police.

Baldwin’s lawyer, James Reidy of West Roxbury, declined to comment on the allegations against his client.

Morton and the other passengers, his 19-year-old girlfriend Sarah Salvo of Norton and Christina Drainville, 18, of Providence, were arrested earlier this week and arraigned on the same charges.

Prosecutors say the defendants were all involved in the planning of the shooting.

Drainville, allegedly an ex-girlfriend of the tenant, was ordered held in jail on $1,000 cash bail and must wear a GPS bracelet if released. The other defendants face a dangerousness hearing Friday afternoon.

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