No Attle Town Council Election

Candidates for North Attleboro’s first town council outside the polls during the June 18 election.

NORTH ATTLEBORO — The June 18 special town election may have been one of the most significant in North Attleboro history, but it was a low-key event when it came to campaigning.

The candidates for the newly formed town council spent very little money, many financed their own campaigns with no donations, and lawn signs was one of the few expenses listed on finance reports filed at town hall.

Some candidates didn’t spend a penny on their campaigns, according to the May 31 reports.

Their finances are contained in reports they filed at town hall several days before the election. Last-minute spending will be reported in a later filing.

According to the initial reports, John Simmons was the big spender — if you can call it that. His total came to $1,918, and he was one of the nine winners on election night.

He was also one of the few candidates among 19 to receive donations, taking in 10 contributions from friends and family, including $268 from himself.

Former Selectman Michael Lennox also won and was the second biggest spender at $1,275. He financed his own campaign, as did most candidates.

Keith Lapointe was close behind in spending, putting $1,200 toward his campaign. Apparently it worked because he was the top vote-getter, which made him the council president.

Other top spenders who won were Jo Ann Chartcart with $941, Adam Scanlon at $993 and Justin Pare, the second place winner, with $420.

Kathleen Prescott and Julie Boyce were among the lowest spenders among the nine winners. Prescott spent $199 and Boyce put in $373.

Others reporting their finances who did not win were Daniel Donovan, $507; Michard Bedard, $1,150; Shea Kiley, $375; Bruce Pearson, $343; Gregory St. Lawrence, zero; Gregory Weishaar, $273; Benjamin Whitney, zero; and Andrew Sheehan, $425.

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