Gouveia family

Aaron Gouveia, middle, with, from left, sons Will and Sam and wife MJ. (Submitted)

With the snappy headline "13 Things All Men Should Know About Pregnant Women" and witty commentary accompanying each item on the list, Aaron Gouveia struck Internet gold.

The Norton resident, 34, son of Sun Chronicle columnist and Norton Town Moderator Bill Gouveia, penned the list 15 months ago when his wife was pregnant with their second child, Sam, but the list has gotten a second wind, thanks to The Huffington Post.

Gouveia's list was shared on The Huffington Post's Facebook page and was featured on The Huffington Post website, and in just a few short days it's garnered a huge response, racking up more than 159,000 likes on Facebook and getting shared more than 37,000 times on the social networking site.

"I'm really floored," he said. "It's been a weird, weird ride."

Gouveia, who writes a blog about fatherhood called The Daddy Files, said he felt compelled to write about the topic because he knew it was something men were interested in.

Through his website's analytics, he's able to see what search terms bring readers to his blog and could see it was a topic bringing people in.

"It's something guys are clearly searching for," he said.

To address it, he wrote the post about what men could expect in a funny, tongue-in-cheek way.

Included on his list of what to expect are things like "Feed her constantly," "Get ready to gain weight" and "You will be replaced by pillows."

And yes, his wife thought the list was funny.

Though the post is clearly resonating with people as it makes its way around the Internet, Gouveia said not everyone is pleased.

"I've gotten my fair share of criticism," he said. "I've been accused of being sexist."

Despite the small bit of negativity, Gouveia said it's been fun to read through people's comments and watch the story go viral.

"It's pretty amazing," he said. "Watching the numbers go up is pretty cool."

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