NORTH ATTLEBORO - Police say a man passed counterfeit $100 bills with the watermark of a $5 bill on them on three days at Target off Route 1.

The suspect was apprehended in Rhode Island after a Central Falls police officer recognized a surveillance photo local police gave out to law enforcement agencies. He was arraigned Wednesday in Attleboro District Court.

Dana T. Leland, 29, who authorities say has a record of similar crimes in Rhode Island, was ordered held on $1,000 cash bail or $10,000 surety after pleading innocent to three counts each of uttering a counterfeit note and possession of a counterfeit note

Leland, of 5 Dix Ave., Apt. 3, in Pawtucket, allegedly purchased socks or other items for less than $25 with the counterfeit bills, then left the store with the change, police said.

Assistant District Attorney Anthony Riccio requested $2,500 cash bail, noting the suspect's Rhode Island record.

His lawyer, Lynn Porecca of Attleboro, said her client was struggling with drug and alcohol problems and untreated mental health issues. She said that after a lengthy period of sobriety he had recently suffered a relapse.

She asked for $500 cash bail.

Leland is due back in court Dec. 11.

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(6) comments


Thank a teacher.


Thank a politician and administrator - history classes are cut so thin, fella probably was never instructed. Better yet, unlikely he attended school for that matter. I thank a teacher everyday, without the majority of them, I would never have attained countless goals in life.


Thank Target for screening their cashiers.


Grolsch, You sell yourself short. You made you. That you feel that you owe YOUR achievement to them is very sad. Intellect is not given by a teacher. Nor is drive, or perseverance.

As for the teachers, they are to blame for the extortion that the union puts us through every year. Squeezing us, telling us we are bad and owe them because they fail at their jobs.

"Give us the money or the kids get it!"

Teachers and meteorologists are the only two careers that you can suck at your job and still stay employed.
At least the weatherman does not use extortion.


Mitch, no offense but you're a nut job. Anyone else to blame for your crappy life? Did the girl at the dunkin donuts window cause you to be late for work today? Is it the mail mans fault that your wife left you? All you do is complain about everything, with every post, every day. It's getting old.


No way. Jose

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