Attleboro High School file photo

Attleboro High is going to be replaced with a new $260 million school, with construction set to begin next spring or summer.

ATTLEBORO — Only one student from outside Attleboro has applied to attend city schools under a newly adopted school-choice program, but officials said they are not discouraged because the program got a very late start.

In fact, the administration had recommended the schools wait until next year before putting it into effect.

By this time next year, officials said, they will have had more time to establish the program and publicize it.

“It doesn’t change the way we consider anything,” Superintendent David Sawyer said Tuesday. “Pulling together a process now only helps for doing a better job at the right time next spring.”

Sawyer said the lone applicant was from Westport.

School committee Chairman Stephen Withers Jr., who was among those who wanted to start immediately, said the single applicant is not surprising considering the late start.

“The reason a slim majority of us voted to have them move forward this year is to start the process, learn good practices and be ready to go in full next year,” he said.

“We do hope, and expect, that this will bring significant money to the district in the future, but did not expect many applicants this year.”

School officials have said they hope the program will eventually expand enough to provide revenue to hire more teachers.

Under school choice, districts that receive students from other cities and towns are given $5,000 per child.

Norton, one of the few districts in the area with school choice, took in about $600,000 this year.

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