Steven M. Cerqueira

ATTLEBORO — The suspect in the Nov. 15 robbery at Santander Bank downtown admitted to the holdup after turning himself in to police last week for a bank robbery in Middleboro, according to a police affidavit obtained Monday by The Sun Chronicle.

The suspect, Steven M. Cerqueira, 36, of Stoughton, is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing Wednesday in Wareham District Court. He faces unarmed robbery charges in that court related to a Nov. 9 holdup at the Santander Bank in Middleboro.

Attleboro Detective Paul Lesbirel, who headed the investigation into the Nov. 15 robbery, and Attleboro Detective James Miller spoke with Cerqueira at Middleboro police headquarters and he admitted to the Attleboro robbery, according to Lesbirel’s affidavit.

Attleboro police have obtained a warrant charging Cerqueira with unarmed robbery. He will be arraigned in Attleboro District Court at a later date.

At the time of the 1:30 p.m. robbery in Attleboro, there were two customers in the store but neither was aware of the crime until the teller hit an alarm and locked the doors.

In addition to a confession, Cerqueira was identified by a bank teller from a police photo array and bank security officials told Attleboro police that they suspected the same individual of robbing both banks after reviewing surveillance video, according to court records.

In each holdup, the robber handed tellers a note demanding cash before fleeing. The robber showed no weapon or threatened to have one, according to police.

In addition, family members of the suspect called police after seeing photographs Attleboro police posted on social media the day of the robbery.

Cerqueira, the tipsters told police, has been sent to jail for bank robberies before.

Police checked his criminal record and found he was sentenced to prison four times for robbery since 2004.

His most recent stint behind bars was in 2014. He was sentenced in Essex Superior Court to four years in prison for armed robbery. He also was sentenced in Middlesex Superior Court in 2008 to up to four years for unarmed robbery. In 2005, he was sentenced in Essex Superior Court to up to two years for unarmed robbery, according to police.

In 2005, Cerqueira was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence in Lynn District Court for for armed robbery but was sent to jail after he violated his probation, according to police.

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