Purple Heart sign (copy)

A photo of a ‘Purple Heart’ sign. The signs will be erected on about a dozen streets throughout Foxboro.

FOXBORO — Five years after being officially designated a “Purple Heart town,” Foxboro will be erecting street signs proclaiming that distinction on a dozen main thoroughfares in and out of town.

Ally Rodriguez, the town’s veterans services officer, appeared before selectmen recently seeking the support of board members in purchasing and installing signs that will be seen by passing motorists.

“We have a lot of Purple Heart recipients, some of whom are still alive and residing in Foxboro,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez suggested that 12 of the 30 entry points into town would be appropriate locations for the Purple Heart signs. Total cost for the signs and signposts would be roughly $1,000.

While she suggested the town could pick up the cost of acquiring the new signs, Rodriguez said a fundraiser could be held if necessary.

Selectman Chris Mitchell said the Foxboro Never Forgets organization had pledged to fund the new signs, which will be installed by members of the town highway department.

Town Manager William Keegan pointed out that former selectwoman Virginia Coppola had been instrumental in initiating the application process that resulted in Foxboro receiving the Purple Heart town designation.

Purple Heart Town designations have been adopted by communities across the nation as part of an effort to raise awareness by the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Awarded in the name of the president, the Purple Heart has been bestowed upon U.S. military personnel wounded or killed in the line of duty since April 1917. Established by executive order on Feb. 22, 1932, it replaced the former Badge of Military Merit, established by Gen. George Washington on Aug. 7, 1782.

According to records provided by Rodriguez, the following Foxboro residents have been confirmed as recipients of the Purple Heart (service branch and conflict included when available):

Warren Abair – USMC/WWII

Harley Alden – USMC/WWII

Eric Anderson – USAF/Korea

Terry Baldwin – Army/Vietmam

Edwin Ballard – WWI

Eugene Battles – Army/WWII

Frederick Benttinen – Navy/WWII

Arthur Brown – Army/Vietnam

Lloyd Brown – Army/WWII

Francis Cahill – Army/Vietnam

Paul Callahan – Vietnam

Aldo Carbonetti – Army/WWII

Peter Connolly

Joseph Cook – USMC/Vietnam

Joseph Cook – USMC/WWII

William Cosh – Army/Vietnam

Shayne Cossett – Afghanistan

Robert Curry – USMC/Vietnam

Philip Davis – Army WWII

Clinton Davison – WWII

Joseph Dean – WWII

David Decelle – Army/WWII

Earl Dunlap – USMC/WWII

Ralph Dupree – WWII

John Edwards

William Faria – USMC/Vietnam

Frank Flagg – USMC/Vietnam

Robert Flaherty – Army/WWII

Leslie Forrester – Army/WWII

Lawrence Foster – Army WWI

Lawrence Foster – Navy/WWII

Bennet Fuller – Army Air Corps/WWII

Francis Gorman – Army/WWII

Albert Gould – WWII

Mark Grigsby – Army/Vietnam

Jerome Hanley – USMC/Afghanistan

Warren Hindenlang – Navy/WWII

Clifford Holmes – USAF/WWII

Joseph Holt – USMC/WWII

George Kelso – Army/WWII

Gerard Kennedy – Army/WWII

Gerard Kinsman – Army/Vietnam

Richard Lamson – Army/ WWII

Leo Landry – USMC/Vietnam

Hugh MacAuley – Army/WWII

Ernest MacBurnie – WWII

James Mahoney – Army/WWII

Raymond Malley – Army Air Corps/WWII

James Mann – Army/WWII

Allen Martin – USMC/WWII

Roy Martin – WWII

Richard Mason – WWII

Paul McAuliffe – Army/WWII

Hugh McCauly – WWII

James McDavitt – Army/WWII

James McNabb – Army/WWII

Michael Medvaskas – Army Air Corps/WWII

Ronald Meisner – USMC/Korea

Philip Merriam – Navy/Korea

Gerald Metcalf – Army/Vietnam

Erwin Morse – WWII

James Muir — WWII

Dominic Narciso – Army/WWII

Harvey Nesbitt – WWII

Edward O’Malley – USMC/Vietnam

Thomas O’Malley – Vietnam

Edward Parker – Army/WWI

Donald Roberts – Army/WWII

David Robison – WWII

Glen Sallie – Army/WWII

Louis Seiden – WWII

Ralph Smith – Army/WWII

Milton Snow – Army/Korea, Vietnam

Chesbrooke Stoughton – Army/Korea

Ronald Svitak

Floyd Tibbits – Navy/WWII

Thomas Trabucco – Army/Vietnam

Everett Tripp – Army/WWI

Arthur White – WWII

Nelson Young – Army/Korea

Theodore Young – USAF/WWII

David Bent – Army/Vietnam

Carl Dadman – Army/WWII

George Hanson – Army/WWII

George Payson – Army/WWI

Donald Riley – USMC/Afghanistan

Daniel Sylvester – Navy/WWII

Paul Thompson – USMC/WWII

Donald White – WWII

Everett White – WWII

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