ATTLEBORO — The city’s community garden was alive with activity Saturday as two members of Boy Scout Troop 24 completed their Eagle Scout projects to benefit the planting area.

Ben Siganoff, 15, and Cooper Schaum, 15, both of Attleboro, worked diligently under the watchful and proud eyes of both their parents, Lori Siganoff and Kevin Schaum, who is also the Scoutmaster.

Siganoff’s project was building two new garden boxes on either side of the shed, as well as reorganizing the shed’s interior to make it more functional, while Schaum constructed two separate potting tables.

One of the potting tables, Schaum said, is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As the 8-foot table came together piece-by-piece, with assistance from Boy Scout parent Chris Askew of Attleboro and Leo Gagnon of Attleboro, both Kevin and Cooper Schaum felt a sense of pride.

“It’s a great organization,” Cooper Schaum said of the community garden located at the corner of Riverbank Road and Mechanic Street.

“I like the people and the environment that’s here. Everyone’s open to each other and open to ideas.”

Lori Siganoff was amazed by her son’s ability to visualize the reorganization of the shed, which Ben Siganoff described as having no shelving system, with “everything on the ground,” such as various tools and gardening baskets.

“I feel like I took the stress off someone else,” Siganoff said of his cleanup efforts. “I feel like I did pretty good.”

Additionally, Siganoff was assisted by other scouts in constructing the two garden boxes on opposite sides of the shed, both of which measured two-feet-wide and six- feet-long.

“It looks hard, but it’s not really as hard as you think,” Siganoff said of building the boxes.

In the fall of 2018, Schaum and Siganoff brought their Eagle Scout project ideas to the community garden’s coordinator, Juliet Teixeira, who was appreciative and excited for their efforts.

“Both of these projects will add to the beauty of the garden,” Teixeira said.

“Not only are (the Scouts) doing something that benefits the garden, it benefits the city.”

The community garden is scheduled to reopen for the season on Saturday, April 6. A few plots are still available for gardeners.

For more information, contact Juliet Teixeira at 508-222-2569 or Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. on April 6, at the garden.