A picture of B.K., short for Butterscotch Kiss, who went missing from her Attleboro yard just before the snow storm.

ATTLEBORO — Animal lovers in Attleboro have teamed up to conduct an extensive search for B.K., a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and veteran show dog, who has been missing since Thursday morning.

Tracie Laliberte, the dog’s owner, said when she let her three dogs out in her yard at 139 Emory St, in Attleboro, B.K. ran off excitedly in the snow and did not return.

“I’m very worried about B.K. because of the snow and cold weather. But, she loves people, so I’m hoping a resident saw her and took her in their home,” said Laliberte, a former columnist for the Pet Day section in The Sun Chronicle.

B.K., short for Butterscotch Kiss, wears a pink collar and was last seen running down Davis Street in Attleboro around 8:15 a.m. on Thursday, she said.

Since then, Laliberte has been knocking on doors and posting fliers around the city and trying to spread the word on social media. She said many area residents and shelter volunteers at the Attleboro Animal Shelter are helping her with the search.

News of the missing dog has even spread internationally.

“The outpouring of support has been amazing. It really spread like wildfire.,” Laliberte said. “B.K. has fans all over the world that have been super helpful in getting the word out.”

“B.K. isn’t just any dog. She’s very special,” she added.

B.K. is 5 years-old and has a reddish-brown coat.

“She looks like ‘Lady’ from ‘Lady and the Tramp,’” Laliberte said.

B.K. received an award for best female dog at the Canadian National Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Specialty Show in September and competed at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show in February.

Laliberte said her dog loves to chase birds and is not street-wise. She surmises that B.K. could be in the area of Sturdy Memorial Hospital or “hunkered down under someone’s porch.”

“She’s people-friendly, but I’m sure she’s pretty terrified,” Laliberte said.

To help with the search, Laliberte is offering a yet-to-be-determined cash reward for B.K.

Anyone with information about B.K.’s whereabouts can call  Laliberte at 508-409-9776.

EMILY O’DONNELL is a staff writer for The Sun Chronicle. She can be reached at 508-236-0340 or at eodonnell@thesunchronicle.com.

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