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A secret Santa donated $1,400 to Norfolk's Animal Control Department to pay for surgery for six-year-old terrier Iara's surgery. (Submitted photo)

NORFOLK — Norfolk Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen believes Santa Claus came to town Wednesday morning.

Cohen said “a secret Santa” visited the Norfolk Animal Control Department at the police station Wednesday and anonymously donated $1,400 toward the cost of bladder surgery for a 6-year-old silky terrier named Iara, who is also without a home.

The dog was taken in by the town’s animal control department after its owner was incarcerated. The charges against the dog’s former owner were not related to the animal.

Iara, who has painful kidney stones, was in the hospital Wednesday for pre-operative care.

The donation came a day after Cohen put out an appeal for help with funding for the operation that appeared Wednesday in The Sun Chronicle. The donor had a copy of the newspaper with her when she brought the money.

The pre-op care and surgery is expected to cost $1,400 to $1,800.

The large donation and the promises of others have left Cohen confident that there will be enough money raised for Iara’s care.

“We have absolutely no idea who this person is, nor would she give us her name,” Cohen said.

The woman told someone at the police station that “she was doing this because her daughter has the exact same type of dog, and it compelled her to donate on her daughter’s dog’s behalf.”  

“Between this donation, a few promises of donations that are in the mail and our micro-chipping clinic this weekend, I am more than confident that we have enough for Iara’s care,” she said.

“I’m still completely shocked and overwhelmed by her generosity,” Cohen said of the donor. “Normally in my day-to-day world, I don’t see acts like this.”

Cohen said that if the woman wishes to make herself known, “I am definitely interested in thanking this donor in person.”

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That's awesome, there is good people in the world


Wonderful news!! [smile]

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