solar panels

Solar energy panels like these are proposed in two different proposals coming before an Attleboro board on Dec. 12.

ATTLEBORO — More and more electricity-generating solar panels are appearing on the rooftops of homes and businesses, and in vacant fields and once wooded areas. Now it looks like they will soon be installed over parking lots as well.

Plans for the city’s new $260 million high school include solar panel arrays on covered parking stalls, and a South Main Street shopping center is planning to do the same.

Attleboro Crossing at 219 South Main St. has an application before the zoning board of appeals for two special permits and a variance it needs to build roofs over its approximately 200 parking spaces and install the panels.

Greenskies Renewable Energy out of Middletown, Conn. would build the array at the 97,720-square-foot shopping center, which includes a Seabra supermarket and sits on 8.9 acres just south of downtown.

Abraham Sebbag out of New York City is the owner of the property.

A public hearing on the project is slated for Dec. 12 at City Hall.

Meanwhile, another solar energy company, Pacifico Energy NA out of Boston, has proposed a ground-based solar farm off Richardson Avenue on land owned by the Richardson Pleasant Trust, for which local attorney George I. Spatcher Jr. is the trustee.

The array would be built at 0 Richardson Ave. and 0 Richardson Ave. Rear, according to an application before the zoning board of appeals.

The wooded site covers 42.3 acres and is made up of two lots. The first is 8.3 acres and fronts on Richardson and the second, which abuts it to the rear, is 34 acres.

An electricity transmission line runs through the property.

That project needs two special permits.

Its public hearing is also slated for Dec. 12 at City Hall.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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