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Foxboro takes on Canton last March at Foxboro High School.

FOXBORO — King Philip isn’t the only area high school that has seen inappropriate behavior by younger students at varsity home football games.

Foxboro Superintendent Amy Berdos revealed at Tuesday night’s school board meeting the same thing has been happening at the last several Foxboro High School home football games. “It’s rude behavior, complaints about vulgar language,” Berdos said. “It’s not behavior that will be tolerated at games.”

Complaints have come from other schools about the behavior at the games, the superintendent said.

As with King Philip, the problem is not necessarily emanating from high school students, Berdos said, mentioning local elementary and middle school students.

“It’s not the pride we expect,” she said, noting the marching band and cheerleaders are part of what overall should be a positive experience. “The behavior doesn’t reflect our values in Foxboro.”

Some younger students are dropped off at the games by parents, but Berdos said she doesn’t want to have to require parents of non-high school students to stay with their children at games as King Philip is now doing.

“We don’t want to go there,” Berdos said.

The superintendent is urging parents to talk about the situation with their children. Berdos also plans to send a notice out to parents about the issue.

There will also be more school administrators at upcoming home games, she said.

School committee member Richard Pearson pointed out the Foxboro team is having a successful year and is highly ranked in Massachusetts.

“We’re very proud of this team. We want to show what we are as a community,” Pearson said. “We have a perfect time to show excellence. We can shine.”

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