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Sweatt Beach on Lake Pearl in Wrentham is a popular place for people to keep cool during the summer like on this June day, but it has been closed until further notice due to the potential of toxic algae.

WRENTHAM — Another town lake has a potential toxic algae bloom.

This time it’s the town’s largest and most popular, Lake Pearl, and its beach, Sweatt Beach, which have been closed.

The town last Wednesday was notified of the potential of cyanobacteria or blue-green algae, in the lake, town officials said.

“The town was able to quickly get out on the lake and identified the bloom which is assumed positive until it can be tested,” Town Administrator Kevin Sweet said.

The town’s aquatic treatment company took a water sample Thursday.

“Labs are generally slow right now with turnaround,” Sweet said. “Until further notice, the beach is closed.”

Signs have been posted.

“While Massachusetts doesn’t typically see the blooms, the extremely high temps and significant rain falls have caused them to spread,” Sweet said.

Earlier this month, there was a potential toxic algae bloom on Lake Archer, and residents were advised to avoid contact with that water.

However, tests came back negative in the private lake.

Toxic algae blooms can be harmful to people and pets, including active recreation users such as swimmers or jet skiers, and children and pets who are more likely to get bacteria in their mouths.

Dogs can become very ill and even die from licking toxic algae off of their fur, officials say.

Caution should be used in fresh water lakes and ponds throughout the area.

In recent years the toxic bloom hit a number of area waterways in which both people and dogs swim.

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