WRENTHAM — As the area faces another string of warm days, one of the area’s most popular beaches will remain closed due to a bloom of toxic algae in Lake Pearl.

Town Administrator Kevin Sweet announced Tuesday night that Sweatt Beach would remain closed after tests confirmed the presence of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, in the lake. The lake has been closed to swimming since last week after officials were notified of the potential bloom.

On Monday, Sweet said testing results showed elevated levels of cyanobacteria.

“On Tuesday the lake management company completed another visual inspection and confirmed the algae to still be present, and obtained another water sample,” he said.

Under state Department of Public Health guidelines, the beach will remain closed and a “no swimming” advisory will be in place for the lake until the algae bloom has disappeared for two weeks and water testing shows that levels of cyanobacteria are below the acceptable limits, Sweet said. The no-swim advisory is in place for people and dogs.

Boating is still allowed.

Weather forecasts for the next few days are for good beach days after weeks of rainy weather. Temperatures are forecast to be in the 80s with mostly sunny skies.

Earlier this month, there was a potential toxic algae bloom on Lake Archer and residents were advised stay out of it.

However, tests came back negative in the private lake.

Toxic algae blooms can be harmful to swimmers or jet skiers, as well as children and pets, who are more likely to get bacteria in their mouths.

Dogs can become very ill and even die from licking toxic algae off of their fur, officials say.

Caution should be used in freshwater lakes and ponds throughout the area. In recent years, toxic blooms hit a number of area waterways in which both people and dogs swim.

For more information on guidelines involving cyanobacteria in recreational freshwater bodies, go to https://www.mass.gov/info-details/guidelines-for-cyanobacteria-in-freshwater-recreational-water-bodies.

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